Scrape Lake

Scrape Lake

The Scrape Lake, our Match style coarse lake.

9 intimate gravelled pegs in around 3/4 of an acre of water its ideal for day fishing or Dad and lad sessions. We have stocked the lake with 250 stunning carp, averaging around 3-6lb, 100 plus tench to nearly 8lb and 400 bream now being caught to in excess of 8lb, theres also a host of silver fish willing to bite al day long.

PRICES are as follows:

Full Day, 1 rod – £12.00
8 hours, 1 rod – £10.00
4 hours, 1 rod – £7.00

For bookings and any further information please don’t hesitate to call the office on 01524 745848.

PLEASE NOTE if you pre arrange with us we can allow you to fish as late as 9pm, getting the most from yours days angling.